Our company disposes of the own testing laboratory provided with the most modern equipment to check the quality of both the supplied raw materials and our finished products at each stage of the production process.

The laboratory meets the major requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025-2006 State Standard and has been certified as technically competent for carrying out tests and quality assurance of construction production. Our laboratory specializes in testing concretes, RMC, building mortars and materials for their production. The measurement ranges and precision of the testing equipment and measuring means, the laboratory equipped with, are in accordance with the normative documents requirements for testing methods. All the measurement means are standardized at the proper time and the testing equipment is certified in the proper order.
The quality system developed in our laboratory is strictly observed for all the procedures of handling the samples (selection, registration, drawing up of the quality certificates, test reports as well as storage and disposal) and for carrying out the testing procedure itself that guarantees its high precision.

LujaBetomix laboratory’s functions are following:

  • sampling incoming inert materials
  • the necessary laboratory tests
  • developing formulas of concrete mixes using its own software
  • control of dosing of concrete components, the correct preparation and use of concrete mixtures
  • producing, processing and testing of control samples.

We cooperate closely with the Finnish technologists who can develop a customised formula for you.
In addition, our field laboratory is always ready to take measurements and control quality on site. Our specialists will come to you to carry out testing the strength of your concrete structures by various methods, such as shear test (State Standard 22690), shock pulse method (State Standard 17624) as well as concrete strength definition method by means of core sampling (State Standard 28570) .
In our work we use BetoPlus computer program. It allows us to estimate the temperature and strength of concrete structures under changing weather conditions. The program calculate the temperature profile, the strength increase curve, temperature difference inside the structure, the level of concrete availability, the possible strength drop at a preset point at a prescribed time. Using BetoPlus program we are able to:

  • choose the proper concrete grade and formwork
  • define the protection type and, if it is necessary, additional heating
  • evaluate the time for formwork removal
  • develop a plan of the formwork use
  • estimate the concrete strength increase
  • define cold bridges and their level of impact
  • calculate the additional heating period

Programmable loggers can take temperature at regular intervals, including days off and weekends. The process is fully automated. Based on the collected data, the program makes all the required calculations. On a customer request LujaBetomix specialists using the BetoPlus software are able to take the necessary measurements on site and made calculations.